Desert Willow Family School is an alternative K-8 school that combines classroom instruction with home-based instruction. Their existing campus had a need for more classrooms and collaborative work spaces. These needs were met with a 16,090sf addition to their existing campus. This addition boasts a multi-purpose room, 7 general classrooms, 1 lecture room, administrative offices, kiln, restrooms, and support areas.

The new design is intended to meet the goals of the staff and students by creating an integrated learning environment. This was done by linking classrooms with teacher workrooms, and providing movable partitions inside the classrooms so they can be reconfigured based on the instructor (teachers share classrooms due to type of hybrid school program). Other classroom features include custom casework, windows to boost daylight, tackable surfaces that double for acoustic attenuation, tubular skylights, and a spectrum of vibrant accent walls.

Beautiful Northern New Mexico Architectural features decorate the exterior including pitched dormer windows, aluminum accents, exposed beams and a metal roof. This addition was meant to look like a single build, single campus; meaning the transition from the existing building to addition was intended to appear seamless. The project team worked meticulously to match all existing exterior finishes and successfully completed the outcome desired by the client. Additionally, security upgrades were of prime concern during the design of the campus addition. The project team enclosed the campus with gates to control access and added security cameras and prepared the site for a new playground, which was installed by an APS vendor.

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