A simple building on a wind-swept mesa is the new spiritual home and headquarters for The Order of Franciscans, Province of Casa Guadalupe Franciscan Friary, the first European settlers of North America. As the Curia for this Province, this friary houses the Order’s Head Provincial who still administers the religious affairs of this region’s centuries–old Franciscan missions, located principally in Native American lands.

The Friars desired to create an inward focused monastic environment for peace and meditation, yet, from within the walls of this cloistered compound, this extraordinary site high up on the West Mesa affords breathtaking views of the entire Middle Rio Grande Valley, the City of Albuquerque, and the Sandia and Manzano Mountain ranges.

The friary has two sections. The east wing is a more common area with a living room, a dining room and kitchen. This area opens up to a large portal with an outdoor fireplace and a beautifully landscaped courtyard. The 12 friars each have their own private residential spaces, which make up the west wing. Also in this wing is a vaulting Chapel where the friars perform their daily devotions.

Special attention was paid to the colors, materials and elemental design that were used in the construction of this beautiful building. Engraved in the long benches that line the courtyard walls are words and phrases in Latin such as Pax et Bonum, which means Peace and Beauty, the greeting of St. Francis. Another, more private interior courtyard in the center of the friary is of a rose color representing the symbol of this Order, the Catilian rose of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Even the Chapel’s alter wall is a Venetian plaster colored wall in “Blood of Christ red.” The exterior walls are in the same shade of brown as the traditional friar robe. Other accent colors were chosen to represent the Native American cultures

Address 1350 Lakeview Dr, Albuquerque, NM
Owner Our Lady of the Guadalupe
Architect Calott & Gifford
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