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Atrisco Elementary School Classroom & Cafeteria Replacement

APS’s Atrisco Elementary is a bilingual K-5 school tucked away in Albuquerque’s South Valley. Their existing campus had a need for classroom consolidation and collaborative learning spaces. These needs were met with a 39,990sf addition to their existing campus, which provided a modernized kitchen and cafeteria, while also creating space for 14 general classrooms, 3 special use classrooms, an art/music room, administrative suites and support offices.

The new design created an integrated learning environment by linking all classrooms, once separated, under one roof and by constructing large halls that can house groups of students to encourage collaboration, and also maintain access control. The new classrooms incorporate connecting double doors in order to accommodate team teaching. Other classroom features include cubbies, clerstory windows to boost daylight, tackable surfaces that double for acoustic attenuation, and a spectrum of vibrant accent walls.

The project also included extensive sitework comprised of demolition of non-operational outlier classrooms, relocation of utilities, and a new parking lot and drainage system. Exterior aesthetic improvements included a new synthetic turf field and updated landscaping.

This project was originally slated to achieve LEED Silver Certification, however, the efforts put forth by the design team and contractors elevated it to LEED Gold. This was done by incorporating sustainable design strategies including: high performing HVAC system, low flow plumbing fixtures, LED lighting, high performance glazing, increased acoustic attenuation, photo-voltaic energy production panels and increased building insulation. These strategies were combined with shading devices to maximize natural light, reduce electrical lighting, and reduce the cooling load on the building. Altogether, 90% of addition's space is filled with natural daylighting.

Address1201 Atrisco Dr. SW, Albuquerque, NM
OwnerAlbuquerque Public Schools
ArchitectSJFC Greer/Stafford
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GSA Building @ Mesa Del Sol

Emerging from Albuquerque’s southeast quadrant is the up-and-coming suburban community, Mesa Del Sol. Blooming with new life, this area currently serves as a hub for much of Albuquerque’s incoming commerce and will soon offer upscale living at affordable prices. Enterprise Builders Corporation, along with Page Southerland Page Architects (Austin, TX), recently added to the rapidly growing business district with the Design/Assist construction of the GSA Building . New construction of the GSA facility consisted of nearly 75,000 sf of sustainable space. 

SHELL To give the building a “natural stone” appearance, our team introduced a new form of exterior finish to New Mexico by using Thermocromex, a durable limestone based product superior to stucco or EFIS. Thermocromex is designed to be a high performance cladding with a life expectancy exceeding 100 years and a proven record to resist weathering and fading. To assist with the external aesthetics, wood beams and aluminum “trees” were placed near windows and across walkways to provide blockage from the sun yet still maintain an organic appeal.

COURTYARD This building surrounds an exposed courtyard, making this natural environment the focal point and inspiration for the building’s design features. With suspended wood beams floating high above and the calming atmosphere full of blossoming vegetation, this area is not only exquisitely beautiful but serves as an outdoor oasis for employees and guests. 

SUSTAINABLY STUNNING Our team designed this facility to adhere to the highest “green” standards and we are currently pending a USGBC LEED Silver rating. We included low VDC materials, water efficient landscaping with storm water design, lighting fixtures with timer control, heat island, Dakin HVAC system, low flow toilets and many more sustainable amenities. Interior finishes are complimentary of the natural atmosphere we intended to capture with our design. We used a variety of finishing materials with low VDC including polished concrete, carpet, rubber flooring in the gym area, a stunning array of paint colors and custom cabinets completed by Enterprise Builders’ cabinetry shop. 

Address 5441 Watson Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner General Services Administration
Architect  Page Southerland Page, LLP 

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Jefferson Green

The Jefferson Green project consists of an 81,437 square foot, three-story office building on a 6-acre site. The building is intended to house multiple tenants and 66,479 of the 81,437 square feet were built out simultaneously for contracted tenants. The landscaping on the site is substantial and includes native and adapted plants suitable to the desert southwest environment, as well as water harvesting techniques that supplement irrigation. This is a certified LEED Gold project (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), through the U.S. Green Building Council; a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. LEED emphasizes state of the art strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. By incorporating meaningful sustainable design features, Jefferson Green uses 30% less water and 45% less energy than a typical office building. The shell and 30,191 square foot T.I. for Centex was complete in August 2006 and the 36,288 square foot T.I. for Dekker/Perich/Sabatini was completed in September 2006, making the total construction duration less than 10 months. “Green” buildings improve occupant well being, environmental performance and economic returns…Jefferson Green’s gold status makes them a leader in sustainable buildings. LEED Gold Certified Core and shell LEED Gold Certified Construction interior  

Address 7601 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner JCC-One, LLC Architect
Architect Dekker/Perich/Sabatini 
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Mariposa Community Center

Mariposa Community Center is located within the newly developed 6,400 acre Mariposa community, located northwest of Albuquerque’s metropolitan area. It was conceived from a theory that a development can coexist with nature, and with modern architecture fused with some of New Mexico’s most beautiful vistas; this development has big plans to ultimately be home to 18,000 residents. Enterprise Builders constructed the community center together with Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architects during a design build process in 2008. The team had dreams to construct a functional facility that brought the community together while focusing on sustainability and celebrating the natural scenery encompassing the Anasazi traditions that are representative of New Mexico. Not only did this center need to be rational and deliberate but its design is timeless. 

Address 2501 Parkway Ave. NE
Owner High Desert Investment Corp.
Architect Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Ltd. 
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Mariposa East Commons

The Mariposa East Commons project is a new 16,308 square foot office/retail building in Rio Rancho New Mexico. The goal was to make the project responsibly coexist with nature. The as the building’s design, contrast of materials and colors balance with the natural environment. The building is comprised of pre-cast concrete panels, composite steel panels, stucco and glass. Each side of the building maintains a tremendous amount of glass panels to allow for natural lighting and to encapsulate the breath-taking views. The first floor is to be primarily retail space and the second floor is allotted for office space. Construction was completed in March of 2007. This excitement continues to grow as this building serves as the benchmark for the first phase of a community on 4000 virgin acres; which will one day be home to 18,000 people, shops, schools, public gathering places and preserved open space. As Rio Rancho’s northern-most community, Mariposa will be like no other. LEED CERTIFIED 

Address 2500 Parkway Avenue, Rio Rancho, NM
Owner High Desert Investments 
Architect Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
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North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center

North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center Phase 1 was completed in Spring 2011. The construction process began with the site development of 5.5 acres of land in the northeast quadrant of Albuquerque. We completed the utility work and set forth to complete the rest of the building to include sustainable alternatives. This building is currently pending a USGBC LEED Gold Certification and showcases the following unique Green features: • Geo Exchange Heating/Cooling System- A special hybrid HVAC system was designed to produce hot/cold air by using the ground. Enterprise Builders created 64 wells, 250 feet below ground, to source the Geo Exchange System. This system is incredibly unique because it an efficient hybrid between Loop Field, Dakin System and a boiler that minimizes energy and maximizes efficiency. • GrassCrete- A walkway system allowing water to percolate into the concrete so it can used for watering. It’s a stunning landscape architecture feature and great way to collect water. • Solar Screening- Large solar screens were placed on the exterior windows of the building to block solar gain and reduce heat gain/loss. Additionally, in an effort to continue to reduce heat gain/loss insulation was placed internally and externally. Not only does North Domingo Baca provide sustainable details, but we also used top of the line finishes to give the building a beautiful modern touch infused with traditional New Mexico style and industrial aspects. We used bamboo flooring, polished concrete floors, rubber flooring, recycled steel, NANA doors, accordion overhead partitions, reusable/recyclable materials and rusted steel paint for our unique finishing touches. All fixtures used in this project were low VOC and LEED certified. We integrated LED control lighting, low-flow toilets and solar screens into sustainable design. 

Address 7521 Carmel Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner City of Albuquerque 
Architect Mahlman Studio Architecture
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Presbyterian Rev. Hugh Cooper Administrative Center Phase 3

Phase 3 of The Presbyterian Rev. Hugh A. Cooper Administrative Center is an 84,400sf addition to the existing 320,000sf headquarters office building for PHS leadership, the health plan, and clinical support staff. It incorporates the latest effective strategies for workforce productivity, recruitment and retention, and long-term operational efficiency.

To tie into the existing buildings and maintain a cohesive campus, the new three-story Phase 3 building addition is designed to match the existing facility and reflect PHS's brand and culture. The new building creates more general office space to enhance the four work modes - Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialize - and support ongoing increases in staff for Presbyterian Healthcare Services. At capacity, the new office space can ultimately house an additional 500 employees to the existing 2,100 staff at the campus.

The addition is narrow, similar to the wings on the Phase 2 building, and oriented to minimize heat gain while maximizing views and natural light for the occupants of the primarily open office environment. Closed office functions, such as conference rooms, are located at the core of the building, while workstations are along the perimeter to maximize daylight and views. Flexible systems furniture supports long-term flexibility, allowing PHS to more easily rearrange workstations as needs change. The design strategy and aesthetics are carried throughout the new addition for a seamless integration into the existing facility.

This project was completed in 14 months and received an ABC Excellence in Construction Merit Award as well as a NAIOP Excellence in Construction Merit Award. 

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Sunport VALE Long-Term Parking Improvement

The Albuquerque International Sunport is an iconic New Mexico landmark welcoming travelers to the majestic Land of Enchantment. As part of the City of Albuquerque’s ongoing efforts to maintain and perfect the facility, the solar powered Sunport VALE Long-Term Parking Improvement was added just north of the multi-story parking structure off Sunport Boulevard. The project made use of an existing exposed parking lot, which has since been transformed into 100% American-made solar powered covered parking area, known as the Economy Lot.

Over 160 auger penetrations were made so that steel columns could be cast to hold up the 4,060 photovoltaic panels to power the structure. With the utilization of solar power, the efficiency will meet the city’s desire to utilize renewable energy and commitment to finding alternative forms of energy to power public structures. The Sunport VALE Long-Term parking structure is a great addition to New Mexico. Proudly this is a product of all American-made materials with the support of local contractors and designers. The new covered area will protect over 400 long-term vehicles against weathering while adding to vitality of the New Mexico’s first stop for travelers. For News Clip, click Here     

Address 2200 Sunport Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
Owner City of Albuquerque
Architect Molzen Corbin
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