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A.S. Horner

Traditional business meets modern thinking.

A distinct challenge came to Enterprise Builders in the form of the AS Horner buildings, located on a remote piece of land just south of Albuquerque. The project consisted of an 18,000 square foot office building coupled with a 17,000 square foot warehouse. On top of the structures, strict attention had to be paid to bringing utilities to the site. The location called for the redirection of water and electricity from up to a half-mile from the site. The office building exterior utilizes many different building materials, including stucco, metal panels, cement board panels, polycarbonate panels, steel, and aluminum storefront, along with vertical sun shades constructed from left over steel bridge grates that the owner provided. This project's success can be tied to the shared vision of the owner and architect for this modern and forward thinking design coming to fruition with the completion of this building. The look of the building itself, the views of the city and the surrounding mountains, and the functionality of the space have created a very successful project.

Address5801 Bobby Foster Road SE, Albuquerque, NM
OwnerValley View Properties
ArchitectSlagle Herr Architects
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GSA Building @ Mesa Del Sol

Emerging from Albuquerque’s southeast quadrant is the up-and-coming suburban community, Mesa Del Sol. Blooming with new life, this area currently serves as a hub for much of Albuquerque’s incoming commerce and will soon offer upscale living at affordable prices. Enterprise Builders Corporation, along with Page Southerland Page Architects (Austin, TX), recently added to the rapidly growing business district with the Design/Assist construction of the GSA Building . New construction of the GSA facility consisted of nearly 75,000 sf of sustainable space. 

SHELL To give the building a “natural stone” appearance, our team introduced a new form of exterior finish to New Mexico by using Thermocromex, a durable limestone based product superior to stucco or EFIS. Thermocromex is designed to be a high performance cladding with a life expectancy exceeding 100 years and a proven record to resist weathering and fading. To assist with the external aesthetics, wood beams and aluminum “trees” were placed near windows and across walkways to provide blockage from the sun yet still maintain an organic appeal.

COURTYARD This building surrounds an exposed courtyard, making this natural environment the focal point and inspiration for the building’s design features. With suspended wood beams floating high above and the calming atmosphere full of blossoming vegetation, this area is not only exquisitely beautiful but serves as an outdoor oasis for employees and guests. 

SUSTAINABLY STUNNING Our team designed this facility to adhere to the highest “green” standards and we are currently pending a USGBC LEED Silver rating. We included low VDC materials, water efficient landscaping with storm water design, lighting fixtures with timer control, heat island, Dakin HVAC system, low flow toilets and many more sustainable amenities. Interior finishes are complimentary of the natural atmosphere we intended to capture with our design. We used a variety of finishing materials with low VDC including polished concrete, carpet, rubber flooring in the gym area, a stunning array of paint colors and custom cabinets completed by Enterprise Builders’ cabinetry shop. 

Address 5441 Watson Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner General Services Administration
Architect  Page Southerland Page, LLP 

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Horizon III

Enterprise Builders Corporation collaborated with Cauwels & Stuve Realty & Development Advisors on a design build project that would eventually become the new home to both firms. The goal was to create a unique office space that could be enjoyed by both companies, yet still provide each of the tenants with custom designs suitable to their business needs. Collectively, the team formed a 22,800 sf office space with shared restrooms, gym, sauna and a large floating mezzanine to be used a joint conference area. The construction process consisted of a large scale demolition, including the infill of an Olympic-size swimming pool and 20’ diameter hot tub. The renovation made use of the unique features in the former pool area and created a one of a kind office environment by retaining the high ceiling glue-lam beams to house modern partition offices and “floating” conference rooms. Industrial design elements such as exposed ductwork, suspended lighting fixtures and 10’ diameter fans were used to create contemporary look and feel. One of the great accomplishments of this process is that we were able to fuse two styles together to create a vibrantly colorful, contemporary ambiance on the Enterprise Builders side, and a warm, soothing traditional atmosphere on the Cauwels & Stuve side. We tied the two styles together by accentuating the industrial details of the overall space.

Address  8814 Horizon Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner Cauwels & Stuve Realty & Development
ArchitectRichard Rappuhn, Cauwels & Stuve Construction & Design

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Jefferson Green

The Jefferson Green project consists of an 81,437 square foot, three-story office building on a 6-acre site. The building is intended to house multiple tenants and 66,479 of the 81,437 square feet were built out simultaneously for contracted tenants. The landscaping on the site is substantial and includes native and adapted plants suitable to the desert southwest environment, as well as water harvesting techniques that supplement irrigation. This is a certified LEED Gold project (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), through the U.S. Green Building Council; a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. LEED emphasizes state of the art strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. By incorporating meaningful sustainable design features, Jefferson Green uses 30% less water and 45% less energy than a typical office building. The shell and 30,191 square foot T.I. for Centex was complete in August 2006 and the 36,288 square foot T.I. for Dekker/Perich/Sabatini was completed in September 2006, making the total construction duration less than 10 months. “Green” buildings improve occupant well being, environmental performance and economic returns…Jefferson Green’s gold status makes them a leader in sustainable buildings. LEED Gold Certified Core and shell LEED Gold Certified Construction interior  

Address 7601 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner JCC-One, LLC Architect
Architect Dekker/Perich/Sabatini 
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Maestas & Ward Offices

This project was an interior remodel of space previously occupied by Dekker/Perich/Sabatini. The building was purchased by a group of investors headed by Maestas & Ward, as a new location for their offices as well as Prime Properties, their property management branch. Maestas & Ward decided to take the easternmost 8,000 s.f. of the building and lease or sell the remainder. As one of the premier commercial real estate firms in the region, Maestas & Ward wanted to project an image of contemporary sophistication without being trendy or pretentious. The layout is a combination of open office areas and enclosed offices and in order to bring natural light into the innermost core of the space, the enclosed offices were situated toward the interior, with the open office areas at the perimeter. Daylight filters through the open areas and through the glass fronts at the enclosed offices. Light/sound baffles are suspended in the curved vaulted ceiling that runs the length of the building. These maple panels control sunlight that enters through the south facing clerestory windows, and through the use of butt-glazed glass at the top of the lobby and conference room walls, they draw one’s eye through the entire length of the space. Another feature is the bank of ‘phone booths’ that allow for private telephone conversations in an open office environment. All of the work on this project was interior, with the exception of the patio that was constructed into the face of an existing berm at the east end of the building. The patio is approximately 4’ below the adjacent street, which allows the surrounding masonry wall to provide a visual and sound buffer for the patio. 

Address 6801 Jefferson Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 
Owner Jefferson Row LLC 
Architect Slagle Herr Architects 
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Modrall Sperling Renovation

Strell Design teamed up with Enterprise Builders Corporation to renovate 80,000sf and 5 floors of office space, in an active downtown business building, to create a modern space for the Modrall Sperling Law Firm. This project aimed to foster a collaborative work environment while still maintaining private visitation areas and comfortable conference rooms. The office areas received improved high-end finishes and contain clusters of cubicle space with private offices lining the perimeter of the hallways with floor to ceiling glass walls. The 6th floor is the center of the law firm’s communal gathering, boasting a large employee break room and multi-purpose area that is used for various wellbeing programs, training and in-house events. The 10th floor is built out to accommodate conference rooms that are used for client meetings and offer breathtaking city views and a stunning display of custom casework and finishes.

Upscale finishes decorate the buildout in the form of quartz countertops, ornamental lighting fixtures, new carpet tiling, crown molding, chair railings and sliding aluminum barn doors. Overall, 170 retrofitted doors were given a new color and hardware, while an additional 20 doors were installed.

This project was completed in multiple phases to prevent disruptions to workers and others in the building, as it was fully occupied during construction.

Overall, this project is an asset to Albuquerque’s business district. It modernizes an existing business space, with deep downtown roots, and offers clients and business members a rejuvenated space.

Address500 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM
OwnerModrall Sperling
ArchitectStrell Design
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Morgan Stanley Tenant Improvement

"Uptown at its Finest” Enterprise Builders recently completed a 17,000 sf major renovation in Albuquerque’s Two Park Square Building, located in the heart of the thriving Uptown business area. This project made use of the entire fourth floor of the building by converting the existing space into an upscale office environment for Morgan Stanley Smith-Barney. The transformation began with complete interior demolition and resulted in a total build-out of the floor along with the completion of ADA certified restrooms, all of which was completed in 3 ½ months. The finished space consists of private executive offices along the outside parameters of the fourth floor, all of which include panoramic windows capturing some of Albuquerque’s most beautiful views. Support staff, conference rooms and training areas make up the center of the design with both permanent and temporary partitions. The style represents a traditional feel with contemporary cherry wood adaptations, and not a single detail was overlooked when it came to the exquisite finishes of the project. Cherry wood accents were used for every frame, trim, door and window, adding character and an aesthetically pleasing attribute to lush office space. 

Address 6565 Americas Parkway NE, 4th Floor, Albuquerque, NM
Owner Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Architect Ankrom Moisan Architecture 
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933 Bradbury

933 Bradbury consisted of a large scale renovation of 118,00 sf of office space. Major demolition was completed, a new HVAC system was installed, an elevator was added, windows were replaced and new offices were constructed. This remodel was completed in one year while the building remained fully operable. To protect tenants and nearby pedestrians, extra precautions were taken to ensure a clean work environment by creating safe pedestrian walkways, blocking off construction zones, adhering to noise control procedures and phasing the project. 

Address 933 Bradbury Albuquerque, NM
Owner University of New Mexico Sandia Foundation
Architect Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
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Presbyterian Rev. Hugh Cooper Administrative Center Phase 3

Phase 3 of The Presbyterian Rev. Hugh A. Cooper Administrative Center is an 84,400sf addition to the existing 320,000sf headquarters office building for PHS leadership, the health plan, and clinical support staff. It incorporates the latest effective strategies for workforce productivity, recruitment and retention, and long-term operational efficiency.

To tie into the existing buildings and maintain a cohesive campus, the new three-story Phase 3 building addition is designed to match the existing facility and reflect PHS's brand and culture. The new building creates more general office space to enhance the four work modes - Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialize - and support ongoing increases in staff for Presbyterian Healthcare Services. At capacity, the new office space can ultimately house an additional 500 employees to the existing 2,100 staff at the campus.

The addition is narrow, similar to the wings on the Phase 2 building, and oriented to minimize heat gain while maximizing views and natural light for the occupants of the primarily open office environment. Closed office functions, such as conference rooms, are located at the core of the building, while workstations are along the perimeter to maximize daylight and views. Flexible systems furniture supports long-term flexibility, allowing PHS to more easily rearrange workstations as needs change. The design strategy and aesthetics are carried throughout the new addition for a seamless integration into the existing facility.

This project was completed in 14 months and received an ABC Excellence in Construction Merit Award as well as a NAIOP Excellence in Construction Merit Award. 

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Presbyterian Rev. Hugh Cooper Administrative Center Phase 2

Located near Balloon Fiesta Park, the 195,000sf ground up addition is one of Albuquerque’s largest post-recession projects at nearly $27,000,000. This ground-up addition tied into the existing 133,000sf building and expanded Presbyterian Healthcare Services’ headquarters to 328,000sf, which is home to 2,200 employees. The project’s prime guiding design principle was to create a work environment that enhances the four work modes: Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialize. The desired outcome should improve staff performance, enhance communication, foster innovation, and attract and retain talent. The addition includes a new two story common lobby with public and staff entrances, open and private workspaces for 1,100 staff, support spaces, and a 15,000sf training center with six large themed meeting rooms and a 300 seat auditorium. The 38 acre site has three parking lots, plenty of shaded outdoor area, stone benches, bike storage and majestic views of the Sandia Mountains. Incorporation of sustainable principles to improve the work environment, such as long east/west axis office wings with shallow core-to-exterior depths, maximize views and provide abundant natural light to work spaces. 

Address 9521 San Mateo, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113 
OwnerPresbyterian Healthcare Services 
Architect Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Ltd
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The Offices @ Presidential Plaza

Address 6500 Jefferson Street NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Owner  Platinum Properties Group, Inc.
Architect  Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Ltd.
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Venture Commerce Center

Venture Commerce Center is a complex consisting of five buildings designed for office space, but versatile enough for alternative uses. The complex totals nearly 72,000 square feet on a 5-acre site.  The Enterprise Builders tradition of melding various materials continues at Venture Commerce Center. The construction is a mix of concrete tilt walls, with a steel and wood hybrid for the roof and mezzanine structure. Another challenge for the construction team, another success story for Enterprise Builders. 

Address 9664 Eagle Ranch Road NW, Albuquerque, NM
Owner Venture Corporation
Architect Ware Malcomb
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