Casework and Millwork

Casework and millwork are two kinds of carpentry used by professional general construction contractors that are often used interchangeably but have some distinctive differences in form and application. Millwork is customized woodwork used in the building of armoires, embellishments, and mantels, while casework describes box-shaped factory-made woodwork used for dressers, desks, tables, and other items that can be constructed out of sectional components.

Enterprise Builders Corporation has an impressive workshop where talented technicians craft custom furnishings like cabinets, doors, and countertops for construction projects. Building these custom items in-house helps to keep the prices down while providing high quality and professionally constructed furnishings.

What is Millwork?

Millwork items created by Enterprise Builders Corporation are tailored to your needs, preferences, and limitations. Talented technicians and craftsmen customize furnishings to your specifications to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need. As millwork is built to your customized specifications, it is typically more expensive than casework items. Building millwork items in our customized workshop allows Enterprise Builders Corporation to cut down on the expense and make tailored millwork pieces more affordable.

Examples of architectural millwork that Enterprise Builders Corporation can create within your design style include moldings, accents, and other forms of trimming that are mounted throughout the building’s structural elements.

What is Casework?

Casework items are less expensive than millwork as sections are built on a larger scale with prefabricated components constructed from a common template. Less expensive than millwork items, casework offers the chance for you to fit your design elements within the manufacturer’s choices instead of creating those elements yourself. Examples of millwork include movable, manufactured cabinets such as bedroom chests and dressers.

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