April 6, 2018 officially marked Pedro Burciaga’s 20 Year Anniversary with Enterprise Builders! We are proud of his hard work, dedication and commitment to our company. He a skilled carpenter and a true asset to our team.
In honor of Pedro, we asked him a few questions about his time here at EB:
What’s your favorite thing about being on the EB team?
P: Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to learn new skills and be a part of creating and building new things. I enjoy the challenge of working on new designs with the cabinet shop.
What do you think sets EB apart from other construction companies?
P: Commitment to customers, the way they are involved in the community and the way they treat their employees is like no other company.
What has been your favorite project to work on and why?
P: I can’t pick just one project. I’ve been a part of a lotof projects and every one of them has been fun in one way or the other.
Pedro Celebrates 20 Years with EB