///Name: Sean Crain
///Title: Project Superintendent
///Tenure: 17 years
///Current Project: Nusenda Administrative Building
Q: What’s your favorite thing about being on the EB team?
The family atmosphere.
Q: What do you think sets EB apart from other construction companies?
The quality of work we accomplish. Everyone is given a chance to excel and move up in the company, and our employees strive to succeed and contribute to Enterprise Builders.
Q: What has been your favorite project to work on and why?
Audi /Porsche of Albuquerque (http://bit.ly/2FKir9L). It was a challenging occupied remodel and addition. The curved/slopped wall in Audi was definitely the highlight. Plus, the Audi Porsche team, along with the architect, were great to work with.
Another was my first project as a Project Superintendent. It was the US Military recruiting offices in Farmington. I learned so much on that project.
Oh, and Hugh Cooper PH. 2. It was my first one with Darren Lewis (General Superintendent). It was a privilege to work with Darren on the biggest project to date. Darren is a wealth of knowledge.
Q: What makes you want to be part of the construction industry?
It is very rewarding to see the projects we complete and all the lives they impact, not only during construction but all the way through to the end user.
Q: Tell us something about you we don’t know.
I hate mornings!! No really, I do.
Also, I joined the Marine Corps in 1994 and served 8 years. I rejoined the Navy reserves in 2012 to present.