4 Rivers Equipment

This project serves as a true collaboration between us, the contractor and our colleague, the developer. Together, we established a budget and took part in making sure all the tentative improvements were met on the ground level and every other level as needed.

Enterprise Builders Corporation stayed true to the budget and the 112 days of construction. Each level of the building was completely demoed on mechanical, electric, plumbing, etc. in order for the improvements to be made. Now the newly renovated equipment store, also has an extremely noticeable new storefront entrance.

The transformation of the storefront began with some major demolition, which consisted of an array of glass panels, wood accents and other materials. Structural changes to the existing walls were needed to create the new entry way of the building and special traffic coordination was carefully pre-planned to account for the parking area that was already established prior to construction.

This tenant improvement project, just like any other Enterprise Builders’ projects no matter the size or budget, proves collaboration leads to success.

Address: 2301 Candelaria Rd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87107
Square Footage: 7,900
Scope of Work: Heavy Ground Level Tenant Improvement
Architect: J. Kory Baker Architects

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