Estancia Valley Classical Academy

Estancia Valley Classical Academy is a K-12 free public, classical school. The current enrollment is 540 students and with the new building set to increase enrollment to over 700 students.

The design of the center courtyard was invaluable to the school as each wing extends out from the central courtyard. With the administrative offices located next to the secure front gate it serves as an added level of security to ensure all visitors are being checked in.

With an extremely tight budget, Enterprise Builders Corporation value engineered the entire project with a complete redesign of the entire site grading plan to allow the project to move forward for the School. Enterprise Builders Corporation was able to create a well thought out phasing plan for construction and was able to cut the anticipated schedule from 14 months down to 11 months allowing the owner to occupy the school for the fall 2018 semester.

Not only was the Academy excited to have a life-long home, but the town of Edgewood was excited to have new development and a new educational facility in their backyard. The financial returns are not only monetary, Estancia Valley Classical Academy provides residents with a quality education in the arts and classical virtues.

The overall construction of the school was a success. We were able to provide an occupancy date well ahead of schedule as well as stay under budget for the school. Everyone that was apart of this project really put in the time and effort for the school, community, students, faculty and staff.

Address: 110 State Rd. 334 Edgewood, NM 87105
Square Footage: 60,000
Scope of Work: New ground up building to replace the multiple portable buildings.
Architect: David J. Pacheco Architects

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