The Asking Academy

The Ask Academy, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math serving seventh- through 12th-grade students, built a permanent campus on 2.5 acres off Sundt Road.

Enterprise Builders Corporation completed the project in time into the next school year. The $3 million dollar plus project increased the school’s learning space from 24,100 square feet to 38,000 square feet.

The new educational two-story school not only has classrooms, but specialized bio-medical, engineering and computer-aided design labs to accommodate the school’s curriculum. The additional campus space will allow the school to add sixth graders and allow the academy to grow to its approved size of 600 students. Before the new educational learning spaces, labs and accommodations, the current campus could only fit about 300 students.

The academy also can provide a better physical education curriculum. Before the project, the students would have most of their physical educational classes in the parking lot. The new campus provided more outdoor areas for exercise.

As more students start to attend The Ask Academy, middle school students will occupy the lower floor and high school students will be occupying the upper floors.

Scope of Work: The new design was intended to meet the goals of the staff and students by creating an integrated learning environment.

Pre-construction Services: New educational project to expand and renovate the two-story building by updating the facilities and spaces.

Architect: David J Pacheco Architects

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