Total Wine Uptown Albuquerque

The rapidly expanding Uptown retail district is now home to Total Wine & More. The repurposed building was once a lavish office space for Morgan Stanley Smith-Barney, which now resides in Two Park Square (and was proudly renovated by EBC in 2011). Now, the newly renovated superstore is 23,400 sf of pure “wine-bliss” with endless rows of wine, beers, spirits, cigars, accessories and more. The transformation began with major demolition of the existing office space, which consisted of an array of glass panels, wood accents and stone countertops. Structural changes to the existing masonry walls were needed to create a 24’ x 42’ delivery dock on the southwest end of the building and special traffic coordination was carefully pre-planned to account for the confined parking area. As the interior of the building took shape, the center remained an open market while the perimeter became home to several walk-in coolers, a cigar humidifier and a stunning wine tasting room. Only top-of-the-line finishes were used to decorate the store including custom shelving and display drawers, low V.O.C. flooring, vibrant floating signs with wood backing and decorative steel window coverings with grapevine cutouts. Ductwork was gently painted and left exposed for added depth to the building’s naturally tall ceilings. Total Wine & More is a fine example of a collaborative project in which the developer, architect and corporate firm were equally involved in the project execution resulting in a stunning store built on a foundation of trust.

Address 6701 Uptown Blvd. NE
Owner Geltmore, Inc.
Architect Kevin Georges Architects, PA

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