US Eagle Federal Credit Union – Juan Tabo Branch

US Eagle FCU’s new 3,408 square foot facility on Juan Tabo in Albuquerque is a physical manifestation of their brand with a modern design in a highly visible area.

With a new design, the traditional branching model is integrated with a digital branch expansion. Living the brand, the new space exudes US Eagle FCU’s mantra, “People Mean More.” The credit union embraces their updated brand with bright colors and abstracted forms, such as showcasing a suspended eagle sculpture hanging in the lobby atrium. The suspended eagle represents brand embodiment and is
highly visible element from both the interior lobby and the exterior. Crafted from lightweight stretched fabric sculpture over an aluminum frame, the eagle serves as an eye-catching, branded focal piece that becomes US Eagle FCU’s signature design element. Other standout features include a technology-based user bar, large-format video wall with marketing messages, vertical brand tower, and dimensional taglines that function together to create the brand experience.

From the moment members walk in, to how the staff interacts with members, the community impact proves to be significant with US Eagle FCU’s new branches – and will continue to impact each new location. The stunning facility attracts the surrounding Albuquerque market to US Eagle FCU’s latest branded space and creating more opportunities for new business.

Address 1955 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112
Owner US Eagle Federal Credit Union
Architect NewGround International

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