Utility Trailer of Colorado

Utility Trailer of Colorado is located off I-40 and Unser Blvd. It can be seen from the highway as you enter the Albuquerque Metro area. This location is prime because I-40 is heavily trafficked with big rigs, tractor trailers and flatbeds.

Along with the shop, this location also has an office area for customer transactions to take place and an outdoor storage area for parts and trailers. The project also called for an extension of Daytona Ave and the public works utility roadway. Enterprise Builders Corporation served as a CMAR with the owner from the beginning of the design phase. This benefited the owner as we were able to prevent potential problems during the design phase and save the owner money on construction. Due to this, we stayed under budget and completed within the allotted time.

Utility Trailer of Colorado specializes in the maintenance and repair of these heavy-duty vehicles. This project included conventional spread footing foundation, slab on grade, prefabricated metal building, office build out, outdoor storage area, bridge crane, fall protection system, site development and Daytona Rd. infrastructure improvements. This was all through a ground up 18,000 square foot tractor trailer repair within a small location of Albuquerque.

Enterprise Builders Corporation and the owner believe this project to be a major success. We successfully completed the project during the a very challenging winter season within 6 months. This was crucial for the success of the project as the owner was able to occupy the new building without forcing them to pay additional costs on their former property. This project also stayed within budget which gained praise from the owner.

Address: 8201 Daytona Rd. NW Albuquerque, NM 87121
Square Footage: 18,000
Scope of Work: Ground up commercial/industrial metal building.
Architect: ARIA Studio Consultants, Inc.

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